Cargo Electric Bike

Why E-Bikes?

Power Assisted
'Flatten' Steep Hills
Easy Local Travel

Cargo E-Bike

The Mycle Cargo has been innovatively designed with space in mind and comes equipped with rear racking, making this a practical solution for carrying luggage and everyday items. You could also mount a child seat or two and bring the kids along for the journey.

Constructed in the UK
Quick Setup
Removable battery

Up to 120km of Range

The Cargo features 2 slots onboard for 2 x 15Ah batteries; the largest range we have across all our bikes. Each battery gives 60km of range. You can select either one or two batteries.

Robust & Practical

Hop on and off this electric bike with the dual leg, spring-loaded kickstand that brings you stability when loading luggage or cleaning. We've designed this bike with a dual leg kickstand so it doesn't tip to one side when in use, given that there may be precious cargo on the back!

Ride Comfortably with Heavy Loads

Add baskets or child seats to the rear of the bike and let the bike do all the heavy lifting with a maximum pannier load of 125kg. Explore the Mycle Cargo Accessories Collection to customise your e-bike with style and ease for everyday life.

Innovative Design

Extra visibility at night or in adverse weather with the reflective strips on the anti-puncture tyres and an integrated rear light. The rear light works as a light, and increases in brightness when the brakes are activated. There is also a bright front LED light, controlled via the controller on the handlebars.

Peace of Mind Security

With a combination of free warranty and in-built security features, you can feel safer using your bike to get around.

Free 12 Month Warranty
Lockable Battery
Comfortable Seat

Easily Climb Hills

The power the bike delivers can easily cruise up hilly roads. With 7 speed Shimano gears, this e-bike ideal for giving you an extra boost on steep hills or when you need it even with cargo, or another adult on the back!

Charges in 5 Hours
Up to 120km Range
Better for the Planet of the most exciting e-bikes I've seen this year [TechRadar]

About the Mycle Cargo

A cargo electric bike ideal for family cycling or anyone needing to transport a heavy load. Designed with a powerful rear hub motor and smooth acceleration.

Constructed in our Gloucestershire warehouse by Cytech-trained technicians, Mycle is one of the first electric bike brands to release a British built cargo bike. With up to 120km/74miles in range, this bike has one of the largest ranges of an electric bike on the market and is perfect for full days hauling cargo or family days out.

The Mycle Cargo is perfect for those looking to carry a load with them, whether that be a full supermarket shop, boxes for deliveries, or the precious cargo that is your family! This cargo bike can fit 2 child seats on the rear rack and one seat on the front bars (see the optional extras above for recommended car seats). With a total rear rack weight limit of 125kg, and a total bike weight limit of 210kg, the Mycle Cargo has proven to be very popular with parents up and down the UK using it as a viable alternative to a car for short and mid-length journeys. No kids or cargo to haul? This model can also comfortably fit an adult sitting on the back should you wish to take a friend out with you!

The cargo features robust anti-puncture tyres, 3 inches in thickness to give a comfortable ride. The 250W 48V brushless rear hub motor and 3 level of power assists make hills seem like flat land, regardless of the load. Don’t forget of course that all Mycle bikes come with a free 12 month warranty, and for an extra £10 you can upgrade this to 24 months for absolute piece of mind.

Want to read more Mycle Cargo reviews? Don’t just take our word for it of course! Read the techradar review which called the Mycle cargo ‘one of the most exciting e-bikes’ of 2022.

'Mycle set out to create a bike that’s a truly viable replacement for a car at a much more affordable price – and that’s exactly what Mycle has done with its very capable Cargo.' Read the bikeradar review to see more.

You now have the choice to upgrade your Cargo electric bike with a huge variety of accessories. Choose from front baskets, rear baskets, basket bags, child seats, passenger handles and much more. Explore the collection of Mycle Cargo Accessories and make roaming free even more enjoyable!

Read the Mycle Cargo eBike user manual

Mycle Cargo Sizing

Minimum seat height:  75cm

Maximum seat height: 95cm

Standover height: 56cm

Seat tube: 41cm

Width: 73cm

Total length: 187cm

Height: 120cm


BIKE WEIGHT: 33kg for 60km model, 36.6kg for 120km model

MAX LOAD: 210kg (Combined rider + load weight)


DIMENSIONS: L187cm x H120cm x W73cm

RANGE: 60km/120km

BATTERY: 48V 15Ah LG Battery 21700 cell (x2 if 120km model selected)



MOTOR: 250W 48V brushless rear hub



MAX SPEED: 25km/hour

PEDALS: Non-slip

SADDLE: Comfortable saddle with integrated rear passenger handle

FRONT LIGHT: Integrated bright front LED light

REAR LIGHT: Yes, doubles as rear light and brake light.



CHARGER: Standard UK 3-pin plug


TYRES: CST Anti-puncture 20x3" with reflective strips


BRAKE TYPE: Front & rear Tektro Mechanical Disc Brake

BRAKE LEVER: Tektro Brake Levers

GEARS: Shimano 7 speed


FRAME: 6061 Aluminium alloy

Mycle's Warranty Policy

All Mycle products come with a 12 month warranty covering both parts and labour. We will either send you out the part required, or organise a courier to collect the bike, fix it up, and send it back out to you should anything go wrong. You are also able to extend this warranty to 24 months for a fee in the optional extras above. Full T&Cs are included in the manual on purchase.

Shop Accessories

24 Month Warranty
24 Month Warranty
Sale price £200
Thule Yepp Maxi Rear Childseat - Black available at Mycle
Thule Yepp Maxi Rear Child Seat - Black
Sale price £150
Caboose at Mycle Bikes
Sale price £129
Mycle Phone Holder
Phone Holder
Sale price £20
Front Basket at Mycle Bikes
Front Basket
Sale price £69
Small Rear Basket at Mycle Bikes
Small Rear Basket
Sale price £79
Small Rear Basket & Basket Bag at Mycle Bikes
Small Rear Basket & Basket Bag
Sale price £138
Medium Rear Basket at Mycle Bikes
Medium Rear Basket
Sale price £99
Medium Rear Basket & Basket Bag at Mycle Bikes
Medium Rear Basket & Basket Bag
Sale price £168
Large Rear Electric Bike Basket at Mycle
Large Rear Basket
Sale price £119

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Richard Blake
Just what I needed

I ordered my Cargo Electric Bike on a Tuesday and it arrived exactly a week later, which is a vast improvement on the nearest rival in price ( that never arrived and had to be cancelled). I have been out on several trips on it including one with my hammer dulcimer on the back and I can't fault it.
The advertised range of 60km is about right although I expect I could go further than that here in Norfolk. So, all in all, well done!


Can you put a child seat on a Cargo bike?

You can safely transport children on our Mycle Electric Cargo Bike using the compatible Thule Yepp Maxi Rear Rack Mounted Child Seat and the Thule Yepp Mini Front Rack Mounted Child Seat.

This allows you to safely carry up to two children on the rear Cargo rack and is suitable for ages from 1 to 6 years old, and up to 22kg (48.5lbs). For children from 9 month, these seats should be suitable but please consult your paediatrician first.

These Thule Yepp Rack Mounted Child Seats are shock absorbing, have a padded straps with a childproof fastening and grows as your child does thanks to adjustable foot rests and foot strap.

I don’t have any previous technical bike knowledge. How will my bike arrive?

All our e-bikes come pre-built by qualified Cytech technicians here in the UK. Once your e-bike has been built and quality tested, we ship your bike using Tuffnells, a fast and reliable UK delivery service.

There is minimal assembly required to help get your bike ready to ride from the box, and don’t worry, we make it as easy for you as possible. You can find our bike assembly instructions on this page and our friendly customer care team are always on hand for any further guidance you may need.

Is this a waterproof e-bike?

Yes! You can cycle it out in the rain (if you want to!) and not worry about damaging the bike.

Can I leave it outside?

Yes - we recommend that you do not charge the battery when its cold however to lengthen the life of the battery, this information will be included in the manual.

What does it feel like to ride an e-bike?

An e-bike isn't a motorbike, there's no throttle and like a normal bike, you won't go anywhere until you start peddling. Our customers describe our bikes to feel like you're riding on the flat even when you're on hills - it's very easy to cycle no matter the terrain.

Where can I test ride the Mycle Cargo?

We've partnered with the UK Electric Bike Centre in Kent to give you the chance to test ride our Cargo and experience the ride for yourself! As the team only hold a small amount of stock, we advise you call in advance of your visit to make sure the Cargo is available to view on 01622 890 300.