How to tune your brakes

It’s important to regularly check on your brakes regularly, so your bike will perform efficiently and keep you safe whilst riding. 

Brake pads that are too low or high can be a safety hazard and brake cables that are too loose will effect stopping power. Here are some of our easy to follow tips to ensure your e-bike is in tip-top form so you can just enjoy getting from A to B! 

Our electric bikes use mechanical disc brakes, which are known to be easier to maintain and cheaper to repair than hydraulic disc brakes.

How do mechanical disc brakes work?

The braking system is composed of the rotor, lever, caliper and cable, which is similar to a traditional bike. The levers are the only part that you use and interact with as part of the bikes braking mechanism system.

After pulling the brake lever, pressure is applied to the calipers pistons through the cable system. The pistons are attached to the calipers and they apply force to the brake pads, which then push down on the brake rotors.

Start tuning! 

To start tuning your brakes, ensure the disc rotor is flat. If any part of it is curved you will need to adjust it flat with a wrench slightly. You can then adjust the caliper by loosening the screws pictured below and move the caliper slightly from side to side. 

Mycle e-bike caliper screws for tuning brakes

Next, you want to position the caliper so the moving pad (outside brake pad) is just about as close to the caliper as possible without any rubbing. Then re-tighten the caliper mounting bolts alternating until they are both tight. You can then spin the wheel to make sure there’s no rubbing on the rotor. 

Next, you will need to set the position of the inside stationary brake pad. On the back side of the rotor, you can see a nut that can be turned to move the pad in or out. By turning the nut clockwise it will move towards the rotor, whereas turning it counter-clockwise will move it away. We recommend a ratio of 2:1 to ensure the stationary brake pad has a gap twice as wide as the moving brake pad gap. 

nut on rotor ebike

Next, squeeze the brake lever to test the caliper. If the levers pull all the way back to the handlebars, then the brakes are too soft. You will need to move the stationary pad even closer to the rotor. 

As you ride, your brake pads will wear overtime and become thinner. When this happens, braking power will decrease so we advise adjusting the brake pads closer to the rotor. Be sure to regularly check on them and replace when necessary. If you’re ever unsure, we recommend taking your Mycle e-bike to a professional bike mechanic who can give your brakes a lookover and ensure you’re safe for riding. 

If you have any further tips, let us know or share in our Facebook community and hear from likeminded Mycle owners.

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