Working towards a sustainable future

At Mycle, supporting the environment and tackling climate change is in the heart of everything we do. We are committed to a more sustainable planet by helping reducing our collective carbon footprint. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Ecologi, and plant a tree for every order made across our website. 1 order = 1 tree planted.

 Tree Planting

Our aim is simple: to make sustainable travel exciting and accessible to all, with our range of e-bikes and scooters that guarantee to save money on fuel, lower your carbon footprint and emissions, and minimise traffic congestion.

Ecologi - how does it work?

Ecologi logo

We have partnered with Ecologi, the market leader in collective climate action whose mission is to avoid 50% of global emissions by 2040 by protecting nature, supporting the best in carbon reduction projects and planting trees in the places that need them.

The carbon offset schemes that Ecologi invests in are verified and certified as international standards by recognised bodies including Gold Standard, a certification supported by WWF and the United Nations and Verra's Verified Carbon Standard.

Ecologi is currently funding 1 million trees every few weeks, with one tree being planted every two seconds and 28+ million trees planted so far. Their ultimate goal is to fund billions of trees a month. This is where Mycle helps……

For every customer order of a Mycle e-bike or scooter, we pledge to plant a tree. Through the tress already planted, we’ve assisted local communities through this offset project by helping to fund a coastal mangrove restoration in Marotaola, Madagascar.

Mangrove Planting

Mangroves occur worldwide in the tropics and subtropics, and are important to the planet as they are highly proficient at absorbing carbon and storing it in their extensive root systems underground.

You can also sign up to the Mycle profile on Ecologi’s website to watch our forest progress, as well as gifting a donation to fund further tree planting projects across the globe. Did you know that a spinney of just 100 trees can see two tonnes of CO2 reduced?

We practice what we preach

At Mycle HQ, our e-bikes are built by local engineers in our UK-based workshops, which run off 100% renewable energy and dispatch every order directly to you, meaning we can avoid extra carbon credits.

Wind turbine

Renewable energy is used to power our warehouses and offices, generated from our own wind turbine and supplemented by energy purchased from a renewable electricity supplier. Mycle has always put an emphasis on efficient waste management and recycling. Whenever possible, we reuse or recycle all of our office waste which includes paper, ink cartridges, computer supplies and plastics.

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