All Mycle e-bikes come with a 12 month warranty covering both selected parts and labour. If your Mycle experiences a fault, we will either send you out the part required, or organise a courier to collect the bike, fix your bike, and send it back out to you. And to make this process as simple as possible, if you need to request a claim under your warranty, you just need to fill our our online form here


For added peace of mind, you are also able to extend this warranty to 24 months for a fee in the optional extras when you purchase your bike, which covers selected parts as outlined below. Full warranty T&Cs are included in the user manual on purchase.


For our selected parts warranty, please refer to the table below: 

Electrical components

Controller 6m
LCD/Analogue Display 6m
Digital display IPX6 Waterproof 6m
Motor 12m upgrade for 24 months cover
Battery 12m upgrade for 24 months cover
Charger 12m upgrade for 24 months cover
Front light 6m
Throttle 6m



Frame 12m Excludes accidental & impact damage, upgrade for 24 months cover
Forks 12m Excludes accidental & impact damage, upgrade for 24 months cover
Rear carrier 12m
Fenders 12m
Seat clamp 3m


Mechanical components

Rear Cassette 6m
Rear Derailleur 6m
Gear shifter 3m   
Caliper 3m   
Brake pads NA   
Disc rotor NA
Cranks 6m
Pedals 3m
Bottom bracket 6m
Spokes NA



Grips 3m
Handlebars 6m
Seat/saddle 6m



Contractual warranty excludes damage or defects caused by: abnormal use, lack of maintenance, accidental damage, prolonged exposure to moisture or liquid or non-compliance with recommendations.


Please see your user manual for the full list of exclusions and maintenance requirements for your Mycle e-bike.


 Recommended Service Intervals 

Regular inspection and maintenance are key to ensure bikes function as intended, and to reduce wear and tear on their systems. Recommended service intervals are meant to be used as guidelines. Real world wear and tear, and the need for service, will vary with conditions of use. We generally recommend inspections, service, and necessary replacements be performed at the time or mileage interval that comes first in the following table. This does not replace your pre-ride checks and cleaning maintenance. Always seek advice from a reputable, qualified bike technician to carry out servicing if you are unsure.


Mycle Weekly Servicing
Mycle Monthly Servicing
Mycle Monthly Servicing


Please note, warranty lies with the original owner of the bike who initially made the first purchase through an official Mycle channel.


*Please note, we don't accept returns on used bikes. Therefore, if you have any problems with your bike, please contact us using the warranty claims form so we can provide you with further support.