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The upheaval of the last 18 months led many of us to recalculate the style in which we lived, worked and travelled pre-pandemic. For lots of Londoners, or those of us working in the city, one change we’re keen to hang on to is spending less time on London’s most famous form of transport — the underground. 

Daily journeys squashed armpit to face in sticky carriages, with no air conditioning feel, thankfully, like a distant memory. But, as life opens back up, the question being asked by those less keen to corral through the turnstiles again, is how do we travel going forward? 

Enter - the Mycle line. An easy, open air, scenic cycle route that takes in all of the hotspots a Londonder may need; Soho, Covent Garden, the City, via a relaxing, healthy open air trip. 

Starting at London’s infamous Portobello road, outside our very own store, and finishing on Hackney’s eponymous Broadway Market, the line is a great way to take in the sights, whilst crossing from West to East. 

The route heads along safe roads, with lots of cycle room, and most importantly some great stations or stops along the way. For cyclists taking the Mycle line at a more leisurely pace we recommend a slow meander through London’s Hyde Park, a re-fuel at Island Poke and a celebratory pint at the finish courtesy of one of London’s finest pubs; The Cat and Mutton. 

And for those of you keen to use the Mycle as more of a commute then pop your helmet on, select your power level and off you go! 

Each spot along the route is clearly marked on our map, available to download here, and we’re happy to report there is a good service running across the whole line. Happier, healthier travel starts now…

And don’t forget to send us your snaps when you’re out and about, tagging us with the hashtag #MycleLineTime or reach us on Twitter @Mycle.

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