Got a technical question about your Mycle electric bike or electric scooter? We've pulled together a list of our most common troubleshooting questions for you below.


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Mycle Electric Bikes


Q1.What are the tyres recommended PSI?
A1. Each wheel will have it's own PSI. This can be found on the wall of the tyre



Q2.How does your power assist work?
A2.Our power assist works by your bike having a sensor in the motor that detects your pedalling cadence, which activates the motor to the power level you select on the LCD display.



Q3.Can I fit a child seat?
A3.Our rear racks are a universal design so will fit most child seats with the adaptors the seat manufacturer includes.



Q4.I've scratched/chipped my bike. Do you sell touch up paint that is colour matched?
A4. We are currently working on colour matching small pots of touch up paint so you can keep your Mycle looking fabulous. Please get in contact with our customer care team for further information.



Q5.How does the bike secure the battery when the I’m shopping?
A5.Your bike features a seat clamp with a unique hexagonal key lock, so you can lock the battery securely inside the seat post of your bike, and know it is safe.



Q6.When does my Warranty begin?
A6.Both our 12-month standard and upgradeable 24 month warranty start on the day your order is delivered to you



Q7.How do I turn the headlight on?
A7.Hold down the Level Up button for two seconds to switch on the front light.



Mycle Electric Scooters Questions


Q1.I've pressed something on my display, and all I can see is three numbers. what do I do?
A1. It sounds like you have activated the scooter pin lock. You'll need to contact our customer care at to retrieve the 3 digit pin, and press the up arrow three times rapidly to accept the pin.



If you don't own your Mycle yet and have some more generic questions, you might find our FAQ & Support page more helpful.