Abus Macator Black Bike Helmet - 3 Sizes
Product Description

Stay protected whilst getting from A to B with this modern, lightweight helmet in black. With comfortable padding, this helmet will provide you with ventilation when you need it, making it the perfect, practical cycling accessory. 

  • Features a Polycarbonate shell and foam EPS interior for ultra comfort whilst riding. 
  • Stay protected from pesky insects with innovative bug mesh
  • Versatile for long hair - compatible with ponytails 
  • 5 air inlets and 8 air outlets for ventilation 
  • Height adjustable retention system with full-ring enclosing the whole head
  • Removable visor 

Size Guide

To measure your head you will need a flexible tape measure (or string and measure it afterwards). Place the tape measure in the centre back of your head and wrap the tape around your head, just above your ears. Bring it together in the middle of your forehead. Don't pull it too tight, but just tight enough to not slip.

Small: 51-55cm
Medium: 52-58cm
Large: 58-62cm


Helmets are not a legal requirement in the UK when riding electric bikes or scooters, however they are highly advised from us here at Mycle as well as all leading cycling agencies - stay safe out there!