Mycle E-Bikes


    The Mycle Cargo has been innovatively designed with space in mind and comes equipped with rear racking, making this a practical solution for carrying luggage and everyday items.


    A classic step through style e-bike specifically designed for comfort and style, with matching coloured wrap around fenders. Ideal for casual morning rides to the shops or picnics in the park.


    The Mycle Commander is fitted with a discreet battery and 2 USB ports, ideal for charging 2 devices whilst on the go.

    Our Accessories

    Our Accessories

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    Our E-Scooters


    What courier will you use to deliver my e-bike

    We use Tuffnells, a fast and reliable UK delivery service, to get your Mycle Product to you quickly and safely

    Are your e-bikes waterproof?

    Yes! You can cycle it out in the rain (if you want to!) and not worry about damaging the bike.

    Can I leave it outside?

    Yes - we recommend that you do not charge the battery when its cold however to lengthen the life of the battery, this information will be included in the manual.

    What does it feel like to ride an e-bike?

    An e-bike isn't a motorbike, there's no throttle and like a normal bike, you won't go anywhere until you start peddling. Our customers describe our bikes to feel like you're riding the flat ground even when you're on hills - it's very easy to cycle no matter the terrain.