Mycle E-Scooters

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    Cruiser Pro X


    What courier will you use to deliver my e-scooter

    We use DPD, a fast and reliable UK delivery service, to get your Mycle Product to you quickly and safely

    Is this a waterproof e-scooter?

    Yes! You can scoot out in the rain (if you want to!) and not worry about damaging the scooter.

    Can I leave it outside?

    Yes - we recommend that you do not charger the battery when its cold however to lengthen the life of the battery, this information will be included in the manual.

    What is the law on riding e-scooters in the UK?

    It is legal to ride your e-scooter on private property with the land-owners permission. However, it is illegal to ride your e-scooter on public roads.