How to perform a pre ride check on your Mycle e-bike

To ensure your Mycle bike is in good health, you should perform a pre ride check before every ride.¬†We call this the Mycle ‚ÄėM' check. The M check touches key¬†components on¬†the e-bike forming the shape of an 'M‚Äô - it's easy to remember and makes sure the complete bike is looked over.

Our M Check is also e-bike specific to ensure your electrics are in good working order before you ride. Mycle E-Bike Pre-ride M Check


Turn on your battery and display unit - note these might be operated at the same time.

Front Tyre: Start by checking your front tyre pressure by squeezing the side walls of the tyre. There should be some give it the tyre but overall it should be firm. If the tyre is soft or deflated, pump up to the tyre's recommended pressure which you will find on the side wall of the tyre.

Wheel: While holding the tyre push the wheel side to side to ensure it is secure in the fork (not in the direction of rotation). Then spin the wheel to check it is running freely and straight. Check the axle nuts/quick release are tight and the front wheel is secure.

Front Light: Hold down the power up button to turn the front light on and off

Electric Cables: Make sure the electric cables are not catching and rubbing on any part of the bike or accessories, as this can wear down the outer casing and pose an electrical safety hazard. Check the condition of the cable tracing them all through the bike, looking out for any signs of exposed cables.

Brakes: Your front brake is on your right when sat on the bike, your rear brake is on the left. Check each brake independently and together.

Remember, brakes should be used to control your speed as well as stopping. On an e-bike, your brakes will naturally wear faster than a regular bike because of the added force required to brake from a motor propelled vehicle. These must be checked regularly before every ride, and accurately to ensure you can stop in an emergency.


Check your front brake is working by squeezing the front brake lever (right side) and push the bike forward, the wheel should not move. The lever should have resistance which makes it firm to grip. While still holding the front brake on we now do much small push and pull to make sure our headset is tight.

Repeat for the Rear brake.

If there are any issues with the braking system, cease riding immediately until this has been resolved by a qualified bike technician.


Steering: Move the handlebars left and right to make sure there is no obstruction to turning and they move freely. 

Walking Mode: Walking mode checks are used to ensure the motor is functioning correctly. Depending on your model, you'll either need to press the down arrow on your digital display, or by pushing in the red button in and turning the throttle gently toward you.

Listen for any unusual noise coming from the motor and if it engages. If the motor does not sound normal or the walk mode does not kick in, then do not ride the bike contact Mycle support as soon as possible.

Now check the motor cut off, which cuts off power from the motor whenever the brakes are applied. Squeeze the right break (when riding) to engage the front brake. Lightly apply walking mode. The bike should not move since the brake is applied.

Battery: Check the battery has been mounted correctly and securely and any connections are free from moisture and debris. If your bike has a cable connector such as that on our compact, make sure the cable housing is in good condition and there is no signs of visible wires.

Crank & Pedals: Take hold of the pedal and try and move it up and down without turning the crank. Repeat the same process on the other crank arm. Ensure you do this on both sides.


Seat & Seatpost: Check that the seat and seatpost are securely attached. Take hold of the front of the seat and give it a firm wiggle up and down and side to side. This will show you if the seat post is clamped firmly enough and the saddle secure.

Ensure the saddle is at the correct riding height.

Rear light: If your Mycle e-bike comes with an integrated rear light, use the same instructions to test the front light, to test the rear.


If your bike comes with a brake activated brake light too, reverse your bike to the side of a reflective surface and apply the brakes to activate the light. Just as you would with a car. 

If your bike does not come with a rear light, we always recommend using one for better visibility and as per the highway code. Your bike would also come with a rear reflector which you must make sure is cleaned and visible.


Motor: Check the motor is clean and cables are in good working order. If you need to plug the connecting cable back in, please perform the walking mode checks again to ensure this has not been effected. 

Rear Wheel & Rear Tyre: As per your front tyre pressure, repeat the checks on your rear tyre too. Check the pressure and that the wheel is secure in the frame by squeezing the side walls and push and pull the wheel side to side

Derailleur: Check the derailleur, used to change gear, is working correctly and you can change gear smoothly. 


With practise this check can take a couple of minutes to do and is imperative to the safe operation of your e-bike. If you are in any doubt, cease riding and consult an experienced, qualified bike technician. Get further advice on servicing intervals and cleaning your e-bike.


Mycle M-Check