Once you have unboxed your new Mycle Cargo, you will need to fit one or two items yourself before you get going. One of which is the newly designed wider kickstand.

Before you start any assembly of your bike, please ensure the bike is secured upright or turned on its side (resting on its saddle and handlebars) to prevent it from falling over. Use the box, laid flat on the ground, to help protect the bike from scuffs and damage while you assemble it. 

To fit the kick stand, follow the below steps. Because this is used to keep your bike upright when under load, it is important to fit the kickstand properly and securely. Failure to do so can result in malfunction of the kickstand. If you are unsure on the fitting or correct bolt tensions, please seek advice from your local reputable bike shop. Please inspect bolts regularly and tighten when required. Bolts will loosen over time. We recommend doing this as part of your weekly e-bike check. 

  1. Unwrap your new kickstand from the box.

  2. Remove the three 10mm nuts from the securing bolts on the underside of the frame.

  3. Insert the kickstand into the bolts that remain in their location. The kickstand feet should be pointing to the rear of the bike. Feed the bolts through the eye lets of the fixing plate.

  4. Use the nuts and hand tighten the kickstand into place.

  5. Make sure that there are no cables that could get trapped between the plate and the frame. When operating the kickstand, loose cables could get sethered causing electrical fault and a fire risk. This is not covered by your warranty. If your cabels become loose over time, you can use cable ties to keep them safely away from the kickstand.

  6. Using a 5mm hex key and a 10mm spanner to tighten the three bolts into securely place.

7. After a few uses please check the bolts and nuts remain tight. There after it should form part of your regular bolt and maintenance checks of the bike.

Voila! Your kickstand is attached. Make sure it feels tight and secure once assembled. If you have any questions, make sure to get in touch with our customer care team at enquiries@mycle.co.uk - We’ll be here for you, ready to help!