Become a Mycle Ambassador!

Share your passion for your favourite bikes and earn a commission for each sale you refer! 


Why join?

- Commission starts at 2% across all sales (excluding Cycle to Work/gift cards, delivery charges and VAT)

- Free delivery on virtually every order

- Average sale of £1000

- UK Company, with UK support!

- 12 month warranty included on all bikes!


How do affiliate links work?

Affiliate marketing is powered by cookies, which is something that interacts with a web browser to store information, such as user preferences and shopping cart contents.

Your affiliate link includes a cookie for 45 days - which gives the consumer a large consideration period to make a purchase on one of our eBikes. This means that is someone clicks on your link, and then makes a purchase a while later, you will still be credited with the referral commission as long as they viewed our website and made a purchase within the active cookie period. You will receive your own link once your affiliate application has been approved.


How can I keep track of sales?

Using our affiliate interface, you can access all the information related to your link, including impressions, orders, sales and commissions earned.


Do I have to own a Mycle to take part in the Affiliate programme?

It isn’t required, but we need you to champion our product and it would help if you had one of our bikes, so you’ve got first hand experience with it! However, if you don’t have your hands on a Mycle eBike yet - that’s okay, you can still sign up.


How are commissions paid?

Commissions are added to your account after 60 days have passed following a successful sale. This clears our returns period. It is then paid by PayPal or Bank Transfer once a withdrawal request has taken place. £35 minimum.


Affiliates can be…

  • Cycling Hobby sites
  • Bicycle Forums
  • Product Review sites
  • Social Media Sites
  • Digital Content Creators
  • Cycling Enthusiasts

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