Weather Shield
Product Description

Shelter the little ones in a weather-resistant canopy, designed to keep them cosy and dry during your ride!

  • Designed to fit the Mycle Cargo Caboose
  • Carries up to two children, in or out of child seats
  • Rollable side panels for warmer weather days
  • Reflective Strips for safer visibility
  • Wind, rain and snow resistant
  • Small Internal Pockets for safer storage
  • Large clear windows for better visibility where the rider can easily keep an eye on their passengers.

While we have ensured there is good ventilation options in the weather shield design, when carrying passengers it is the riders responsibility to make sure there is adequate ventilation for the health and comfort of the passenger. Never leave children or pets in a closed weathershield. 

The frame of the weather shield is for comfort only. It has not been impact tested for safety. 


Weather Shield compatible with the Mycle Cargo with 2nd generation Caboose only.

Weight: 3.7kg

Dimensions:  Frame 60cm H x 65cm W x 78cm L. Cover 81cm H x 65cm W x 78cm L