Front Rack
Product Description

Pre order now for delivery April 2024. The Mycle Front Rack has been designed to provide your passengers with practical way to carry extra luggage on the front of their e-bike. This robust rack can carry up to 14kg's and is compatible with our Mycle Medium Rear Basket. A great choice for those who want to carry extra luggage even when carting kids on the rear.

  • Comes complete with high quality screws, front light bracket, front light extender, cable tidy and plenty of zip ties to keep your light cable routing tidy and secure. 
  • Simple to attach to the front of the bike.
  • Ideal for carrying 


Overall Base Length: 32cm x Width: 19cm x Height: 15.5cm


Suitable for the Mycle Cargo, Comfort, Cadence, Commander.

Compatible with Mycle Medium Rear Basket to create a front basket option.