Passenger Handle
Product Description

Ideal for keeping passengers stable, balanced and comfortable, this rear handle simply screws into the Cargo's rear rack.

  • Crafted in black metal to survive all weather elements
  • Screws included to mount directly onto your electric bike
  • Give your passengers the choice to sit backwards to hold onto the rear handle or reach around if they choose to sit forwards 


Height: 25cm x Width: 28cm x Depth: 3cm 


Suitable for the Mycle Cargo only. This item is not suitable for use with the caboose at the same time.

Please note: 

This handle is compatible on the front and back of the Cargo, not in the middle of the deck, as pictured. 

Deck Pads photographed on bike is for demonstration purposes, this does not come with the Passenger Handle, but can be purchased separately.