Charge Fat Tyre Folding Electric Bike

Why E-Bikes?

Power Assisted
'Flatten' Steep Hills
Easy Local Travel

Charge Fat Tyre Folding Electric Bike

The Mycle Charge is our third generation folding electric bike. It easily folds down in less than 10 seconds, making it an excellent choice for commuting, storing neatly at home and folding up for weekends away.

Charges in 3-5 hours
Constructed in the UK
65km Range

Puncture Resistant Tyres

The puncture resistant fat tyres ensure you can ride on all road surfaces with ease. These tyres resist cuts and tears from road debris, as well as protection against sharp objects. The 20-inch wheels have practical plastic reflectors, keeping you safe on night rides, as well as reflective tape on the sidewalls which allow you to be seen for better night time visibility.

Innovative Comfort

The Selle Royal saddle is wide padded for ultimate comfort and has alloy suspension to skilfully absorb impacts from bumps in the road. This in turn is beneficial for your back as impacts are absorbed instead of going directly to the spine.

Removable & Lockable Battery

We have designed the Charge with practicality in mind - you can charge the battery off the bike and lock the battery to the bike whilst you are out and about, so no need to worry about the battery being stolen. We also think the battery cover looks pretty cool!

Shimano Gears

Featuring 7 speed Shimano Gears, you can easily change gears for seamless shifting on the handlebars, allowing you to clearly see which gear is selected.

Folding Pedals

Ideal for storing away when not in use or for folding into your car on weekend trips away. The whole electric bike folds down in less than 10 seconds - perfect for commuting.

Better for the Planet
UK Customer Service
12 Month Warranty

Practical Design

Designed to provide you with comfort, there is a mudguard to avoid any dirt spraying whilst riding in wet or muddy conditions. The front alloy suspension fork ensures you have a smooth ride, no matter the terrain. Also fitted with a kickstand to prop your bike up as and when you need.

Effortless in all Conditions

The 20-inch fat tyres provide you with extra grip and traction on all types of terrain, including slippery surfaces, gravel or uneven roads. The rated 250W brushless motor and added suspension will also provide you with a smooth ride.

Bright Front & Rear LED Lights

With integrated bright front & rear LED lights, you can stay safe when commuting to work on early mornings before sunrise, or on evenings when you need extra visibility.  The rear rack is ideal for letting the bike do all the heavy lifting! Attach a rear basket and bag to help carry everyday items.

Peace of Mind Security

With a combination of 12 months free warranty and in-built lock into the battery, you can feel safer using your bike to get around. We're also a phone call away to help any issues you have!

Mycle x Ecologi

Planting trees is one of the best ways to reduce carbon pollution, so we have proudly teamed up with Ecologi who are known as the market leader in collective climate action. They are currently funding 1 million trees every few weeks! 

At Mycle, we are passionate about reducing our carbon footprint - did you know, our UK workshop runs off 100% renewable energy?!

In this exciting partnership, every order = 1 tree planted! We have already reached our first milestone with over 1000 trees planted!

About the Charge Fat Tyre Folding Electric Bike

The Mycle Charge is our third generation folding electric bike.

This folding electric bike is constructed in our Gloucestershire warehouse by Cytech trained technicians. It easily folds down in less than 10 seconds, making it an excellent choice for commuting, storing neatly at home and folding up for weekends away.

The front alloy suspension fork will provide you with a smooth ride and absorb any bumps on even terrains. The Kenda 20 inch tyres are ideal for everyday commuting, longer rides with the 65km range and extra comfort.

Enjoy the puncture resistant tyres that will give you peace of mind whilst riding. Aramaid fibres are incorporated into a 1.5mm layer of natural rubber between the tread and the casing. These fibres resist cuts and tears from road debris, while the extra rubber protects from sharp objects from travelling through to penetrate the tyre.

The 10.4Ah battery is both fully removable for convenient charging when it does run out, as well as lockable to the bike by key so you don’t have to worry about it being stolen while out and about. We do of course recommend investing in a good quality bike lock to lock the whole bike up!

This folding electric bike has been innovatively designed with Wellgo folding pedals. These folding pedals are perfect for saving extra space when you store your e-bike away and they also offer you a non-slip surface that will keep you comfortable even in wet weather conditions.

This third generation folding electric e-bike has a Selle Royal saddle that is completely adjustable both forward & backward and up & down so you can find your perfect, comfortable position. The handlebars are also completely adjustable in height, so you can customise the bike to suit your riding preference.

Read the Mycle Charge User Manual

Mycle Charge Sizing

Minimum seat height:  89cm

Maximum seat height: 103cm

Standover height: 66cm

Seat tube: 42cm

Width: 61cm

Total length: 176cm

Height: 117cm


BIKE WEIGHT: 26kg (including battery)

MAX LOAD: 125kg (Combined rider + load weight)




RANGE: 65km

BATTERY: 36V 10.4AH DMEGC Battery 2600mAH Cell


CHARGING TIME: 3-5 hours

DERAILLEUR & SHIFTER: Derailleur protector included

MOTOR: Rated 250W



MAX SPEED: 25km/hour

PEDALS: Wellgo, Folding, Non-slip

SADDLE: Selle Royal (SR-A020H)

FRONT LIGHT: Integrated bright front LED light

REAR LIGHT: Integrated rear brake light



CHARGER: Standard UK 3-pin plug


TYRES: Puncture resistant Kenda 20 x 4.0”

SUSPENSION: Front alloy suspension fork


Disc Brake


GEARS: Shimano 7 speed


FRAME: 6061 Aluminium Alloy (Foldable)

Mycle's Warranty Policy

All Mycle products come with a 12 month warranty covering both selected parts and labour. If your Mycle experiences a fault, we will either send you out the part required, or organise a courier to collect the bike, fix it up, and send it back out to you. Full T&Cs are included in the manual on purchase.

Shop Accessories

Mycle Phone Holder
Phone Holder
Sale price £20
Thule Yepp 2 Maxi Rear Child Seat
Thule Yepp 2 Maxi Rear Child Seat
Sale price £120
Finish Line eBike Chain Lube 120ml
Finish Line eBike Chain Lube 120ml
Sale price £10
Finish Line eBike Cleaner 415ml
Finish Line eBike Cleaner 415ml
Sale price £10
Finish Line Disc Brake Cleaner 295ml
Finish Line Disc Brake Cleaner 295ml
Sale price £10
Finish Line Pro Chain Cleaner
Finish Line Pro Chain Cleaner
Sale price £25

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Richard Simmons
Well engineered

Brilliant well thought out design. Well engineered with a high quality finish and quality components. A comfortable and stable ride and very manoeuvrable. Excellent advice from the test rides. After extensive research into folding electric bikes I am sure I have made the right choice for me. High quality at a reasonable price.

Ryan Bennett
Great bike, poor quality control

The bike itself is fantastic, however when I took my son out on the back of the bike, the handlebars didn't follow the direction of the wheel causing us to crash. The lowest stem bolt hadn't been tightened and so the steering came loose.

The bike itself performs brilliantly and I really like it. Just a shame that something so basic hadn't been checked. We are all human I suppose but I feel my review is fair in light of this.


The product itself is fantastic, but the quality control is not. Took the bike out for a ride with my son on the back and one of the stem bolts hadn't been at all tightened meaning the handlebars didn't follow the wheel alignment causing us to crash.

Phil Sheridan
best value for money

good product well engineered easy to use. the finish is the best we have seen from most bike suppliers for the money, look good, works well, feels like good value for money.

Dwight Bush
Fantastic after sale service

I purchased the Charge Fat Wheel bike during August 2022. Over the past year i have rode it almost every day to work. I had a few issues, all were covered by the warranty. I need to thank Laurence and his team for the excellent service. Laurence's communication and advise has always been promote. Thanks again to the Mycle team, well done keep up the excellent service.
As for the bike, pleased with it and I enjoy riding it all year round in all types of weather. Definitely recommend this brand.

Dave Allen

Great bikes. Thanks you highly recommended.


This is my second e-bike, my first is a very basic cheap one with no gears that was so hard to ride without the motor on. So I bought this so I could ride just on gears and my own power to get me fitter, but with the back up for the hills.
What I like about this bike: chunky tyres that are amazing in the ice and slippy conditions. Puncture resistant too- I hate fixing punctures! Smooth gears, integral lights, brake light, detachable battery is amazing, no more storing in a cold damp garage. It looks interesting and quirky with the teal colour and chunky tyres. I feel very safe on this as it’s very solid. The hills are a doddle on this bike, the motor feels very powerful. I accidentally went ‘off road’ over bumpy land and it just floated. Was so pleased.

The minor downsides: it’s very heavy, but most e bikes are. It’s bigger than I expected, the guy in the photos and video must be huge! It feels heavy to ride without the assist, but this is to be expected, but it’s not impossible, just more work than a standard bike. The handles are a little wide for my hands and took some getting used to, and I wish I can lower the handlebars a little as I feel very upright. But all this is just getting used to a new bike that’s designed for the average size man with bigger hands and longer legs than me! My husband finds it comfortable to ride. I’m not sure I’ll ever get the 65k range in the battery- my 10K commute takes the battery almost down to half, but the last part I have it on maximum to get me up a long steep hill and I’ve always got my lights on as it’s winter. I expect in summer with no lights and less clothing I’ll find it easier and use less power.

I love that the company making these are uk based and carbon neutral- that was definitely a selling point for me. Would I recommend Mycle bikes? Yes, definitely, me and ‘Mick’ are getting to know each other and bonding nicely.


What courier will you use to deliver my e-bike

We use BJS Extra, a two man delivery team who deliver the best care in transporting your Mycle to your door.

Is this a waterproof e-bike?

Yes! You can cycle it out in the rain (if you want to!) and not worry about damaging the bike.

Can I leave it outside?

Yes - You can leave your Mycle ebike outside but we recommend storing under cover or using a bike cover to protect the electrical elements such as display and battery connectors. Your battery will need to be stored within a specified temperature to maintain its charge (as per the user manual). When charging and storing the battery, be sure to store in a dry environment. If storing the bike outside, the bike may be more susceptible to harsh weather and may need more frequent maintenance to ensure component stay in prime condition. Further information found in the owners manual.

What does it feel like to ride an e-bike?

An e-bike isn't a motorbike, there's no throttle and like a normal bike, you won't go anywhere until you start peddling. Our customers describe our bikes to feel like you're riding on the flat even when you're on hills - it's very easy to cycle no matter the terrain.