Compact Plus Folding Suspension Electric Bike

Why E-Bikes?

Power Assisted
'Flatten' Steep Hills
Easy Local Travel

Compact Plus Folding Suspension E-Bike

The Mycle Compact Plus is our second generation folding bike. It can easily fold down in 10 seconds, making it ideal for commuting or weekends away.

Constructed in the UK
Very Quick Setup
Removable battery

Compact Plus vs Compact?

There are 3 main differences from the compact: Bigger range (50km vs 30km), added front wheel suspension, and a wide, padded suspension seat. We recommend this model for riders looking for extra comfort & distance, or who expect a more bumpy journey than just smooth roads.

Padded Seat
50km Range
Extra Comfort

Protected Chain

Brushing your leg or trousers on your chain happens to even the best of us. To avoid those oily smudges, we've added a chain cover to stop this from happening. We heard the feedback from our customers - we know you need to arrive perfect wherever you're going!

Peace of Mind Security

With a combination of 12 months free warranty and built-in lock in the battery, you can feel safer using your bike to get around. We're also a phone call away to help any issues you have!

Free 12 Month Warranty
Key Battery Lock
UK Customer Service

Front Suspension

With an aluminium ZOOM front suspension fork, this folding electric bike will provide you with a smooth and stable ride, no matter the terrain. Also fitted with a bright front LED light to make your journeys safer if riding before sunrise or after sunset.

Charges in 5 Hours
Removable Battery
Travel Further with Family

Front & Rear Lights

The rear rack doesn't just hold a cargo, but also our in built lights! Our Compact Plus comes with bright LED lights on both the front and back of the bike. Perfect for maximum visibility and safety during early morning commutes and in the evenings after sunset.

About the Compact Plus

A comfortable folding electric bike with front suspension, suitable for commuting on roads and dirt paths.

Constructed in our Gloucestershire warehouse by Cytech trained technicians, the Mycle Compact Plus is part of our folding ebike collection, ideal for anyone who still needs to benefit from the space-saving benefits a folding bike provides but isn’t willing to compromise on features!

The Compact Plus has both suspension built into the front fork as well as the plush wide seat, a notable benefit vs the original Compact Mycle model giving a little more freedom in terms of terrain cycling e.g. good for canal paths not just roads. With 50km in range, the Compact Plus can take you further from home and longer is needed between recharges maximising convenience. The battery is both fully removable for convenient charging when it does run out, as well as lockable to the bike by key so you don’t have to worry about it being stolen while out and about. We do of course recommend investing in a good quality bike lock to lock the whole bike up!

But don’t knock this as a fantastic commuter road bike too. This rides very comfortably on roads and is space saving both in the office, on trains or to throw into the boot. The pannier rack at the back fits most universal pannier bags and baskets, so you can easily get from A to B, whilst the e-bike does all of the heavy lifting!

Read the Mycle Compact Plus eBike user manual

Mycle Compact Plus Sizing

Minimum seat height:  87cm

Maximum seat height: 101cm

Standover height: 47cm

Seat tube: 43cm

Width: 61cm

Total length: 165cm

Height: 104.5cm



MAX LOAD: 120kg (Combined rider + load weight)


DIMENSIONS: L160cm x W61cm x H120cm

FOLDED DIMENSIONS: L91.5cm x W53cm x H78cm

RANGE: 50km

BATTERY: 36V 10.4Ah DMEGC Battery 2600mAh cell



MOTOR: 250W 36V brushless rear hub



MAX SPEED: 25km/hour

PEDALS: Folding, non-slip

SADDLE:  Velo wide padded comfort saddle with suspension

FRONT LIGHT: Integrated bright front LED light

REAR LIGHT: Integrated red LED back light



CHARGER: Standard UK 3-pin plug


TYRES: CST 20x2.125", reflective

SUSPENSION: ZOOM Suspension Fork, Aluminium


BRAKE TYPE: Front & rear Tektro Mechanical Disc Brake

BRAKE LEVER:  Tektro Brake Levers

GEARS: Shimano 7 speed


FRAME: 6061 Aluminium alloy (Foldable)

Mycle's Warranty Policy

All Mycle products come with a 12 month warranty covering both parts and labour. We will either send you out the part required, or organise a courier to collect the bike, fix it up, and send it back out to you should anything go wrong. You are also able to extend this warranty to 24 months for a fee in the optional extras above. Full T&Cs are included in the manual on purchase.

Shop Accessories

24 Month Warranty
24 Month Warranty
Sale price £100
Mycle Phone Holder
Phone Holder
Sale price £20
Black Corduroy Cap at Mycle
Mycle Black Corduroy Cap
Sale price £12
Abus Bordo 5700 Folding Bike Lock - Black - Mycle
Abus Bordo 5700 Folding Bike Lock - Black
Sale price £70
Mycle Keychain
Mycle Keychain
Sale price £4
Mycle Tote Bag
Mycle Tote Bag
Sale price £7

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Martin Sola
Very impressed by Compact Plus Folding bicycle

The Compact Plus arrived in a week. Very impressed with the packaging and quality of the cycle and its components. Only issue was a complete lack of documentation / instructions - however an email quickly resulted in being sent links to on-line documents. Riding the bicycle with Power Assist, when required, is extremely intuitive. I am conscious that my reason for a folding bike was simply for storage and ease of transport when camping and not for use on a daily commute, where it is not the smallest of folding units. However we are so impressed that we are about to order another for my partner - unfortunately the price has risen by £100 in the 7 days since I ordered mine, which is a bit of a setback.

Mark (London)
Great city commuter

I purchased the Compact Plus because I do a daily commute of around 20-25miles, with a long distance train journey in between - folding was a must (imo) for the train to not have to reserve a bike slot. The distance requirement ruled out the original Compact as I wasn't keen on having to charge during the day.
So far I've probably done around 200miles+ on it, in all sorts of weather, and I'm relatively impressed. It’s a nice comfortable ride considering the distance. The assist has a slight delay to it but will surge into action once it senses you require it. Its plenty capable regardless of what incline I throw at it, and it is making the 25mile journey on one charge riding with full assist everywhere all the time. The added extras over the Compact (larger more comfortable seat, chain guard, suspension and rear light) are appreciated, especially the chain guard. Not having to worry about greasing up my trouser leg is a win. I feel like the suspension is a net benefit, I’m glad its present. As far as fit is concerned, I’m 5’10 and its fine.
Folding is an easy process, there’s a stand on the frame so that it sits upright once folded. At 20kg+ it’s a heavy bike though, so it may prove a little troublesome for some. Once folded its an easy carry on/off a train. Worth noting that it doesn’t roll easily when folded, so not chance of walking around with it in the shops like a Brompton or up and down a train platform.
The not-so-nice has been the mechanical teething issues I’ve had, I've had to readjust the brakes on several occasions, the front brake/wheel sometimes whistles at me regardless. I need to sort out the gears because there is too much slack on the cable from delivery for regular adjustment - I've just been riding in 7th (max) everywhere for now until I find the time. Doing so isn't a simple job because the bike weighs 20kg and bike maintenance stands aren't exactly designed for the size/layout of the frame. However, I don't feel the bike even needs the gears, the motor is plenty strong enough, and the throttle/walk assist is great for pulling off from a standing stop.
The bike arrived with a large chip in the paintwork, I haven’t bothered Mycle because its simple enough to get some touch-up paint and its bound to get scratched from daily use anyway.
I have slight concerns about the longevity of the plastic of the battery housing, I can see minor wear and tear from removing the battery at night for charging (my bike lives outside in a bike shed and I only bring the battery indoors). It may turn out to be nothing but I thought it worth mentioning, I doubt it’ll have problems for at least a few thousand miles though.
The controller is very basic…too basic, and I feel its a major let-down from the nice digital display on the Compact. It allows for power on/off, toggle the lights, and the selection of the 3 assist levels. It honestly feels like assist levels 1 and 2 are absolutely useless, and level 3 is too much. But I’d rather have too much assist so level 3 it is. I’ve purchased a 3rd party bike computer for the Speed/Odo display.
All in all though, its a fantastic capable bike, and I'm happy with the purchase regardless of the minor issues. And glad to see there is finally a manual, which wasn’t the case when I purchased at launch.

Roger Skerratt
Roger's bike

First Bike was faulty although the process was a little slow the replacement was fine

There was not enough documentation provided to ensure that construction and operation was/is achieved correctly all seems to work as expected


What courier will you use to deliver my e-bike

We use Tuffnells, a fast and reliable UK delivery service, to get your Mycle Product to you quickly and safely

Is this a waterproof e-bike?

Yes! You can cycle it out in the rain (if you want to!) and not worry about damaging the bike.

Can I leave it outside?

Yes - we recommend that you do not charge the battery when its cold however to lengthen the life of the battery, this information will be included in the manual.

What does it feel like to ride an e-bike?

An e-bike isn't a motorbike, there's no throttle and like a normal bike, you won't go anywhere until you start peddling. Our customers describe our bikes to feel like you're riding on the flat even when you're on hills - it's very easy to cycle no matter the terrain.

Can I test ride the Mycle Compact Plus?

We've partnered with the UK Electric Bike Centre in Kent to give you the chance to test ride our Compact Plus and experience the ride for yourself! As the team only hold a small amount of stock, we advise you call in advance of your visit to make sure the Compact Plus is available to view on 01622 890 300.