LCD Digital Display
Product Description

Upgrade your ride with our new Mycle LCD Digital Display. Giving you up to 5 levels of power assist, real time speedometer and full control of your bike at the touch of a button. 

Features on display: 

  • Digital battery level with 5 bars that depletes in real time, so you'll have a better understanding of how much battery range you have left.
  • 5 levels of power assist for a smoother ride.
  • Walking mode assist to give you a helping hand when walking uphill with your bike or starting off at traffic lights. 
  • Full control to turn your lights off/on.
  • Real time speed indication - option to change the display from kmph to mph.
  • Track your distance ridden in both miles or km.
  • Finished with a large font, responsive buttons and a high contrast display design that make it safe and simple to use while on the roads.
  • IPX6 waterproof rating

Operating instructions: 

Press and hold the power button - To turn your display on and off

Press and hold the up arrow - To turn your lights on and off (brake light powers automatically on braking)

Press and hold the down arrow - Ignites walking mode. When released walking mode stops. Walking mode is only supported up to 6kmph max.

Short press power button - When the display is on, short pressing the power button will cycle through the display options. You can see your max speed, average speed, est motor power in watts (calculated using the speed sensor) and total miles/km ridden. 


Overall Length 8.2cm
Overall Height 4.8cm
Screen Length 5.3cm
Screen Height 3.3cm


Compatible with the Comfort, Compact Plus, Charge & Cadence Electric Bike only.

We also have a LCD Digital Display especially for the Cargo.